Izi Phoenix

Trying to bring the stars a little closer together

That’s music, floating amongst the galaxies in their vast array of colours. An electrifying surge running through your body. A serene and still truth holding everything together.

That oneness music brings about

Music is slowly changing with me, following the same path and in April 2018 Will You Be Here Soon and Hummingbird were both released with accompanying videos which was two friends and a camera having a blast exploring what it meant to put images to music and the magic it creates.

I was told once I should probably feature a little more in them but I like the mystery, just being a fleeting image not really sure what you have or haven’t seen. Allowing that space to grow in your imagination becoming more personal as you listen to the music.

I love how those songs came out and the memories associated with them.

Check them out on YouTube if you like the sound of them.

Shortly before that Cambridge Girls was released in January which was my first full length album which grew with each session and really took off on it’s own. When the music comes you just have to follow it. Having the time to experiment in a studio is my home, a playground of music. I can’t explain what I want but I can feel it when it’s there and in a space like that it comes quickly.

Playing the drums with a head of sweetcorn on Come Live was brilliant who knew you get such an amazing sound. The standout was Nicole Tweed. Her voice is stunning and gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. I have eternal gratitude towards her for more than the music we create and hope to continue working with her.

As for what’s next I don’t really know, I never have done. The music will come when it’s ready. I’m happy being free and seeing what’s out there.

“A place you’ll find both belonging and loneliness. Dark depths that unravel who we are and life’s impetuous momentum. You’ll sense enchantment, aversion and feel apart yet together because, we are one.” – Nicole Tweed