We are Hegarty…the masters of Scouse country rock, from the working class town of Bootle in Liverpool. We have gigged around Liverpool since we formed in 2014 receiving positive reviews and feedback from each gig from our ever growing following.
We have released a 4 song EP of early recordings which has so far received 5/5 star rating on iTunes from buyers and excellent reviews from music bloggers.
The Unintended Rebellion E.P. by Hegarty

You can keep up to date with our gigs and announcements via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Hegarty2014/ and our website http://hegarty2014.co.uk/
Hegarty consists of 5 members David Hegarty (vocals, rythm guitar) Ian “igga” cousins (lead guitar) Chris “keo” Mckeown (bass guitar) Waka Stafford (drums) Alex Tweedle (piano/keyboard). We were formed in 2014 by David, Waka and Chris when David and Waka decided to record a few songs they had been working on, Igga soon joined and recruited Alex to complete the line up.
The band
David – My older brother had guns and roses live in Paris on VHS in our house when I was a kid, I watched it every day, I pretty much wanted to be axle rose he Was the reason I wanted to be a singer, as I grew up though Oasis was my band I loved them and I still do. I’d say my biggest songwriting influences though are Noel Gallagher and Bob Dylan as I realised the importance of strong lyrics when I started to listen to him. I’ll listen to any type of music but my favourites are Bob Dylan, Oasis, The Beatles, Ocean colour scene, The Doors, The lumineers and ACDC.
Ian – Got a guitar for Christmas 82, tried to play it. and snapped every string bar one, played Cavatina on one string put it down and picked it back up in 84 and has been playing ever since, his influences are led zep, The beatles, black sabbath, yes, rush, John martyne, Roy Harper, nick drake, Tim Buckley, most of the sixties and seventies rock and folk music
Alex- summer of 94, i showed some interest in my fathers beat up old Casio keyboard, listening to the Beatles and slowly working out their melodies by ear.
After showing some aptitude for it that coming Christmas my parents bought me an upright piano which I begun taking lessons.
Once I could hold my own at the piano I began learning 1980’s synth-pop which sounded naff on the piano, but did start me on my path and love affair with the genre.
When I was 16 I bought my first real stage keyboards a Roland e-300 and a Korg is-40
And joined my first band, the rest as they say a history.
My influences are
Keith Emerson(ELP)
Richard Wright (Pink Floyd)
Rick Wakeman (YES)
Gary Numan and Giovanni Giorgio Moroder along with other countless bands and producers.
Bought a second hand premier drum kit when I was about 18 all because I had a shed and all my mates had guitars so we could be in a band ha ha,
Brought up on the Beatles, AC/DC and black sabbath,
I learnt how to play putting my cassette player on 10 and giving the skins a good hiding along to the music,
Currently play a tama superstar custom kit with sabian pro cymbals.
Chris – first picked up a guitar aged 13 and struggled to do anything with it. After discovering Iron Maiden and Steve Harris he quickly evolved to the bass and that’s when things started. Since then influences such as Black Sabbath, Pearl Jam and Metallica helped shape a melodic style whilst heavier influences like Slayer, Pantera and System of Down has formed a fluid flexible rhythm.
We have had AirPlay on many radio stations including local, national and international (USA, Scotland and France).
Look out for our debut single and album and keep up to date with our quest to reunite the world with its love of guitar based music….We are HEGARTY