Official Website: www.hashtagbandbrighton.wordpress.com

Visuals: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClYeVOQADuOo-2yQh9MSMhg/videos

2 Years with 3 Chords # Birthday (fan-cam): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-p21zEGVjo&feature=youtu.be

# is existing since June 1st, 2015 – let’s say it’s semi-accurate, anyway! As for style it’s difficult to put our music into any sub-category, we play Rock N Roll and that’s it.

A band ******* needed a new singer & Pomy got into the picture and started to play with them, first singing then helping to develop new tracks, soon grabbing axe and writing new material too just as tension was building and unfortunately 3 to one decision was made that the band’s drummer had to part.

John, Jezus and Pomy then were continuing to play in a garden / house that eventually became the HQ! Still looking 4 a drummer MMKaresz ” Charlie ” stumbled upon us after we’re spreading news that the then nameless formation was, indeed, in need one! Not much later the name # got stuck on the quartet. MM did not mock around; couple of rehearsals later he’d played live with # and recorded DEMOtion, too, couldn’t say he’s not right into it! Nowadays it’s realized he’s a gadget man and is the main technical support as well as great skin-man.

Ever since # is rockin’ forward and plays in and around Brighton!
As in the end of November 2016, our guitarist, John Neville decided to quit and by December (2016) Jonathan Drake joined us briefly to help kick-starting the works on new material. The new version “Sellin’ The Country (2017)” contains Jonathan’s guitar solo. By October # is a trio and the new album is getting into shape.