Refusing to pigeon hole themselves into a particular rock-genre Sheffield band Habberdash are a new and exciting group with a refreshing sound, taking influence from artists as diverse as Jeff Buckley, The Beatles and Nirvana. Habberdash are fast becoming one of the must see bands on the Yorkshire music scene and are known for their excellent relationships they have with their loyal fan base.

Since their formation in March 2013 Habberdash have played everywhere from local working men’s clubs to music festivals and have gigged some of South Yorkshire’s most popular live venues. They have played on the bill with some fantastic local artists and have supported the likes of Fearless Vampire Killers and most recently opened for Buzzcocks at Doncaster Live 2013. The band won a listeners choice competition ‘Do it unplugged’ on the popular radio station SineFM which also gave them busking rights at The Keepmoat Stadium, home of Doncaster Rovers.

After each fantastic show, it’s great to see the growth on social media with new people following the band, making sure they stay up to date with what the band are doing. Be it through Twitter, Facebook or the 1,500 strong mailing list. The constant updates ensure that no one misses out. The band even have a volunteer street-team who help the band to promote each gig. The loyal fan base can always be heard singing along to their uplifting and anthemic songs.

Since March, the band have fed their fans with a steady stream of demo tracks, free downloads and live videos. Having already had local press coverage, Habberdash are now receiving interest and critical acclaim from both national and international music press, with a glowing review wherever they go. They have just been featured on the music site AMN (Australian Musician Network) and are set to be the subject of a substantial feature in Lyric Lounge Review.

The band have just recorded their first EP at the studio used by the now uber-famous, Bring Me The Horizon. The Habberdash EP is set for release on 28th October with 2 of the tracks from it recently being played by Christian Carlisle on the BBC Radio Sheffield Introducing show, in response to popular public demand. With some exciting upcoming announcements, they are without doubt, a band to watch.