Gold Jacks

When the four of them are in the same room holding their instruments, Gold Jacks are a blues-rock band from Manchester. Stu and Tom hail from Yorkshire, abandoning flat caps and glottal stops in favour of string instruments. Liam, originally from Widnes, brought his pedal-board and plectrums over to Manchester about the same time Pussycat Dolls feat Busta Rhymes was number one in the charts. Stopfordian Rob traversed the viaduct armed only with a train ticket, an enthusiasm for beards and sticks for hitting things with. Gold Jacks released their debut EP in 2012, which sky-rocketed to number 814 in the Republic of the Maldives’ charts. Riding this wave of success and powered by half a naan bread Stu found down the side of the sofa, Gold Jacks are embarking on their biggest tour to date*.

*Of the Greater Manchester area.