Gaga Tuci, A heavy contender in the music industry UK was born October 2nd, 1978. Based and resides in The Great City of London – United Kingdom, Gaga Tuci started composing and writing professional hit songs of international standards at the age of 16. He writes songs most times while asleep (In Dreams) and put them into his manuscript immediately he is off the bed. He has composed and written so many hit songs of all genres and he is still writing.

He is a gentle soul who is multi talented, full of aspirations, focused and extremely creative. Gaga Tuci recorded his new hit single “Don’t Break My Love” Ft. Obeys Complainer & Majority Cross in a standard recording studio and took it to a top notch mastering facility. The sound and video quality of this song is professionally outstanding. He knew one day that he would exceed all expectations and become a super star in his own right. With that focus and hunger, Gaga Tuci climbing the rough mountains, now he’s arrived!