Daniel Trigger

‘Daniel Trigger’ is a hard rock singer/songwriter from the Midlands UK, performing songs that combine crushing guitar riffs with melodic, soaring vocals and anthemic choruses similar to Alter Bridge and Guns N Roses.

Following many years fronting a variety of rock outfits, Daniel Trigger formed stadium rock act ‘Trigger’ with wife Sally Trigger in 2003. ‘Trigger’ enjoyed many successes on the live gig circuit, and went on to record 4 albums before taking a break in 2011 – please visit https://danieltrigger.bandcamp.com/ to download the Trigger back catalogue.

At this point Daniel Trigger recorded his solo album ‘Infinite Persistence’, an album of fierce rock songs that received positive reviews from around the world (see ‘press’). ‘Infinite Persistence’ was also picked up by record label Pure Steel Records, who played a huge part in bringing the album to a wider rock audience.

In january 2014, Daniel Trigger is set to release the follow-up to ‘Infinite Persistence’, in the form of an album called ‘Army Of One’. This album stays faithful to Daniel’s heavy rock sound, but turns it up to the max. Check out lead single ‘Unbreakable’ on this Reverbnation page, and download from iTunes or Amazon.

Stand by for Januray 2014 – the Army rises!