In Nov 2009 bemuzic bought two Cigar Box Guitars from eBay. She has since bought quite a few more!
She has also now built several Cigar Box Guitars herself, plus a one string Diddley Bow from some driftwood, a Canjo, a Cigar Box Diddley Bow, a Cigar Box Bass, a bed warmer guitar and a guitar made from a Bourbon biscuit tin……and three Cigar Box Amps, an amp made from an old radio, a bone slide, and some bottleneck slides.
She has brought out an EP and four albums, the most recent of which “(Sometimes) It All Lines Up” came out in May 2015.
In June 2011 she started going busking (Street Performing if you’re from the US!) and has continued going nearly every week since, in Cambridge and other nearby towns. She finds great satisfaction in playing her own songs, on instruments she made herself, getting feedback from people and selling a few CD’s.