Baseborn Me

Haunting vocals, chanting evocative poetry, laced with atmospheric synths and bathed in memorable indie guitar melodies, best describe the sound of Baseborn Me.

Originally formed in London as a song writing duo in late 2015 by Matt Scott (Keyboards) and Natalia Cross (Vocals) with Matt producing the music for Nat’s lyrics, with the view to developing as a solo artist.

Being lucky enough to find the perfect music partner in each other by late 2016 they had built up a large catalogue of songs and demo recordings, creating a unique sound from the many influences that they brought to the project.

Natalia, born in Russia, before moving to England in her teens, has been writing and performing in bands from an early age influenced by acts such as Nick Drake and Portishead as well as by Russian folk/rock artists. Her lyrics reflect her personal journey through life expressed with a poetic elegance mixed with emotionally charged vocals.

Matt began his musical journey as a frontman for several indie rock bands, signed to small independent labels, before concentrating on song writing and producing in recent years.

They both came to the decision that the material they had needed to be heard live so by early 2017 they formed Baseborn Me with additional members Terry Rhodes (guitar), Lala Padula (bass) and Jack Bebington (drums).

Baseborn Me have recently finished a 4 track EP, recorded and produced at the El Autobus studios in Miami, Florida and are currently rehearsing for their debut live performance.