Founded in Coventry, 2006, Albany started as a 3 piece semi acoustic act, who rehearsed in a mere terraced house bedroom- converted studio. Influenced by the britpop movement of the 90’s, Albany gained credible status touring pubs, bars and clubs around the UK, including Coventry, Fleetwood, Blackpool, Hull, Lincoln and surrounding towns to name a few.
Disbanding in January 2010, due to in-differences, Matt relocated to Lincoln and continued to write and play sporadically during a 3 year hiatus. Chris later joined Matt in early 2013, where the pair prepared intensely for a wedding back in the West Midlands later that year. Due to the reaction and drive that the pair seemed to spark during rehearsals and subsequent session work, Matt decided to reform Albany at the start of 2014, where Daniels Sharratt and McLagan were both signed up and the band once again took off to what seemed to be an inevitable conclusion.

Based in Lincoln, Albany are a loud, out and out indie rock band, writing original songs that mean something to people once again.