AJ Myst

AJ Myst is a peak time dance music producer hailing from the South of UK.


With ten years experience in DJ and live performance’s under his belt; incorporating his mutating production styles and techniques, AJ turns the dial up to a maximum as he conducts stamina fuelled performances that are portrayed into a captivating dance floor energy.

Constantly aspiring to formulate unique live displays whilst absorbing the energy from clubber’s and promoters alike, AJ injects a healthy dose of his personal enthusiasm for the scene before firing his life and soul back towards the crowd and submersing them in the force of a rumbling sound system engulfing them in euphoric entity.

With international support from heavyweight’s including James Zabiela, Paul Oakenfold and Jay Cunning, AJ Myst has established a name for himself as a serious national and international artist. With past performances at Glade Festival and DJ sets in Spain and New Zealand, AJ has evidenced his unique style with peak time radio airings on Kiss FM and the BBC.

AJ Myst is a Bachelor of Arts with a First Class Honours Degree in Digital Music and is currently focusing his time working as a Sound Designer for television, film and other forms of media. As well as concentrating on his home grown electro breaks label Decorum Recordings, AJ has created a stirring of expectation as to how his future projects will sound.