Aidan Logan

Introducing Aidan Logan
Aidan Logan is a Songwriter and Singer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. With a wide variety of influences, including Hozier, Ed Sheeran, The Killers and The 1975, his music is rich in catchy melodies and poignant lyrics.
In 2017 Aidan was chosen by Panarts as one of 4 Songwriters to visit Nashville, Tennessee, in March and feature in a series of showcase events. Aside from appearing (and playing his original material) on American radio and cable television, Aidan played a showcase at the historic Bluebird Cafe “In-The-Round” with Tenille, Victoria Banks, Mac Macanally and compatriots Kaz Hawkins, Fiona Harte and Jason Clarke.
Having played at a series of festivals, sharing stages along the way with the likes of Soak and Two Door Cinema Club, Aidan is quite comfortable in front of crowds of thousands, either solo or with his 5-piece backing band. The artist’s humour and engaging crowd interaction endear him quickly to his audience and each performance is full of unique and memorable moments. His range of up-tempo and sing-along songs and more intimate, slower material make his festival performances a must-see.
On the verge of releasing his new E.P “Turbulence” Aidan is currently engaged in his pre-release promotion as well as special guest performances in his native Ireland. He’s also working on his writing tirelessly, writing material for other artists and managing to co-write with artists across the Atlantic

“There’s no gimmicks, no style stunts, no image peddling, just songs – and bloody good ones at that.” – Rob McNamara, GoldenPlec.

“Aidan is one of the finest Northern Irish songwriters to emerge in recent years. Panarts selected Aidan to be part of our 2017 showcase concerts over in Nashville and the music industry reaction to his music has been incredible”
Colin Magee, Panarts Director, Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival

“Aidan Logan’s songs set your feet tapping and your voice singing almost before you realise what’s happening. His tunes march right into your memory, bed in and almost refuse to be evicted. He’s an amazing live performer who exudes energy and has audiences hanging on his every word.” – Mike Gaston, Belfast89 FM