Ahmed Aly

Influenced with a wide range of musical genres ranging from Classic rock, Blues, Folk and acoustic/Pop bands… with idols including Led Zeppelin, Doors, Eric Clapton, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith and more … Ahmed is a self-taught musician/songwriter , started playing guitar at the age of 20 mostly influenced by Guns N Roses icon Slash.
After performing covers for the past 10 years, Recently been engaged into recording, Sound engineering and have recorded a bunch of original songs in an album “New Wind” after which other studio singles were released.. his 1st single “falling” in collaboration with British singer Claire Williams enjoyed a wide reception and extensive radio Airplay. other singles including “Wide Awake” was aired on Dubai Radio and was chosen among 9 other songs in a compilation of best indie songs from the middle east in 2013…

Also worth mentioning that Ahmed has reached the semi-Final Stage in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in Nashville with the song shattered Highways.

The most diverse and promising release by Singer/Songwriter Ahmed Aly is “Miles More To Go” .The album delivers carefully crafted 9 original tracks written with passion and produced in Nashville/London. The songs cover a wide array of Styles from the Pop-Rock Spectrum that promises a rewarding listening experience. The dance Hit Songbird followed by the mellow ballad “On A Plane”. The songs hail the significance of independence, freedom and exploring one’s potential beyond society’s limitations. The duet “Leaving” has enjoyed extensive radio airplay featuring British-based singer Madeline Wise and produced by Jak Bondy (Ema Bunton)-Spice girls. The title track is an up-beat energetic straight arena rock anthem and a bonus track of “Songbird” is included in an acoustic laid-back arrangement