1 In Five

1 in Five is an explosion of warm, sweet and original rock sounds. The debut EP Hold On is now available to download free of charge from their website www.1inFive.com.

For over 10 years Jay, Mike, Chris and James have played in various bands in and around the Brighton scene, each honing their craft and pinpointing their individual tones. The result is a mature, exciting sound that represents entire lives saturated in music.

1 in Five write songs that explore political and emotional themes with tales of change, love, loss and redemption.

Howling guitars, thundering vocals, and melodic keys stand firm alongside rumbling bass lines and driving rhythms. Hook filled, atmospheric melodies sit within easily identifiable original sounds rich with classic overtones.

With chunky riffs being compared to Rival Sons and Alice in Chains, blues organ sounds akin to Deep Purple and The Doors, and ripping vocals that sound like a fusion between David Coverdale and Eddie Vedder, 1 in Five has arrived with substance, style and spirit.

For bookings contact 1inFiveHQ@gmail.com

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