• The Richer Unsigned Playlist

    The Richer Unsigned playlist is updated with new music every week. It is played in 52 Richer Sounds stores across the UK and promoted heavily online.

  • Best Of October 2018 by Metropolis Studios

    We've enlisted our friends at Metropolis Studios to help us curate the Best Of October playlist! Check out all of their great choices below!

  • Best Of September 2018 by ie:music

    Happy September! Last month saw us handling the curatorial duties for the ‘Best Of’ playlist, but we’re back to scheduled programming with more great guest curators, like this month’s guest, ie:music! They’ve picked 10 amazing artists for your listening enjoyment — check ‘em out!

  • Best of August 2018 by Richer Unsigned

    For this month's Best Of playlist, we've taken the reins and picked 10 of great artists that we feel really highlight the diverse music we get submitted on a daily basis here at Richer Unsigned! Click the 'Submit' link in the top corner of your screen to send us your own music!

  • Best of July 2018 by Cornbury Festival

    We've partnered with Cornbury Festival to bring you the best of July 2018 playlist featuring 15 fantastic artists.  Each of the artist will be performing on the Riverside Stage at Cornbury Festival (13-15th July).  For more info on the festival and full line up click here

  • Best Of June by ReverbNation

    Happy June! We've teamed up with our friends at ReverbNation to bring you the Best Of June playlist! ReverbNation takes an "Artists First" approach, with powerful career management tools, A&R capabilities, and far-reaching industry relationships.

  • Best Of May 2018 By Music Glue

    Happy May! We’ve teamed up with Music Glue to bring you the Best Of May Richer Unsigned playlist. Music Glue is a specialist e-commerce platform for the music business which allows artists to sell physical and digital music, merchandise, and event tickets in multiple currencies and languages direct to fans.

  • Best Of April 2018 by Newton Faulkner

    We're delighted to bring you a fantastic playlist curated by Newton Faulkner.  In celebration of Record Store Day on 21st April we are creating a special 10 track vinyl from acts on this months playlist.  A few of these acts have been chosen to open for Newton Faulkner at an intimate show on 21st April.  To find out more and how to win tickets to the show click here.  

  • Best Of March 2018 By Believe

    Happy March! Acts from this month's playlist have been chosen by Believe Distribution Services. Believe Distribution Services is a leading digital distributor of independent artists and labels.  Take a listen to their favourite developing artists:

  • Best of February 2018 by Air MTM

    Tracks for our February 2018 playlist have been chosen by AirMTM.  AirMTM is a dynamic music company based in the UK whose speciality is taking artists from niche musical genres and bringing them into the mainstream whilst not alienating their core audience. Air comprises a PR and promotions team, concert booking agency and artist management company all working under one roof.  Take a listen to their 10 favourite tracks:

  • Best of January 2018 by TALENTBANQ

    Happy new year! Our Richer Unsigned January playlist has been chosen by Ray Jones – CEO at new company TALENTBANQ. Ray is no newcomer to the unsigned scene, having run the Rising Stars programme at Time Out before joining forces with Pablo Ettinger to found TALENTBANQ. They now seek to discover, nurture and promote the best in unsigned live performance – delivering original music live wherever it is required.

  • Best of December 2017 by Leeds College Of Music

    Happy December! This month's playlist has been curated by Leeds College Of Music. Take a listen to their top 10 artists to round off 2017:

  • Best of November 2017 by 13Artists

    Artists for the November Richer Unsigned playlist have been chosen by 13Artists13Artists is an independent international booking agency established in 1999. Artists on the roster include Radiohead, Paolo Nutini, Arctic Monkeys, Jamiroquai, The Stone Roses, George Ezra, Royal Blood, The Kooks, Alabama Shakes, The Amazons and Blossoms. Take a listen to the first part of their November playlist (2nd part coming mid-November):

  • Best of October 2017 by MusicMap

    The Richer Unsigned Best of October 2017 playlist has been curated by MusicMap. MusicMap is a music discovery platform that celebrates independent artists from every corner of the globe. Primarily based in London and Barcelona but with scouts on every continent, MusicMap aims to uncover emerging music and exciting scenes via track posts, interviews and exclusive mixes. For this playlist, they selected five fresh international artists alongside five London-based acts who represent the cosmopolitan flavour of the UK capital...

  • Best of September 2017 by Karousel Music

    Acts for the Best Of September 2017 Richer Unsigned playlist have been chosen by Karousel Music.  Karousel Music is a London based collective of musicians, songwriters and music industry professionals dedicated to promoting a better environment for songwriters, artists and budding music business pros.

  • Best Of August 2017 By Reload Sessions

    YouTube channel Reload Sessions have chosen acts for this month's Richer Unsigned playlist.  Their channel boasts over 85,000 subscribers, showcasing their favourite developing artists. Take a listen to their favourite 10 Richer Unsigned acts:

  • Best of July 2017 by Time Out

    Acts for the 'Best of July' Richer Unsigned playlist have been chosen by Ray Jones of Time Out.  Ray ran the hugely successful 'Rising Stars' programme which featured a wide variety of emerging artists.  Take a listen to his top picks:

  • Best of June 2017 by The Unsigned Music Awards

    Tracks from this month's playlist have been chosen by The Unsigned Music Awards, a platform to promote unsigned, self-signed and otherwise emerging artists, around the world.  The first ceremony took place in October 2016 - with awards in a variety of categories.

  • Best Of May 2017 by @London

    This month's playlist has been curated by @London, the largest Instagram handle for any major city, boasting 2.1 million followers, 25m viewers per week on the channel and 1m per day on Instagram stories.  Their music editor Matt Spracklen has picked his favourite 10 Richer Unsigned artists for this month's playlist.  Take a listen to his chosen 10:

  • Best Of April 2017 By Bear's Den

    Our April playlist has been curated by the fantastic group Bear's Den. Bear's Den are a British folk rock band from London, formed in 2012. The band have been nominated for several music awards throughout their career, with "Above the Clouds of Pompeii" earning the band a nomination for the Ivor Novello Award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically in 2015. The band received two nominations at the UK Americana Awards in 2016, Artist of the Year and Song of the Year for "Agape".  Bear's Den's playlist will also be released in vinyl format on 22nd April in celebration of Record Store Day.

  • Best of March 2017 by Channel 5

    This month's playlist has been curated by the Head Of Music for Channel 5.  Channel 5 was launched in 1997 as the fifth terrestrial analogue TV station in the United Kingdom after BBC 1, BBC2, ITV and Channel 4.  Take a listen to his favourite 10 emerging artists below or on your preferred streaming service:

  • Best of February 2017 by The Great Escape Festival

    Acts from this month's playlist have been chosen by The Great Escape Festival.  The Great Escape Festival is a major three-day music festival held in Brighton and Hove, England every year in May. It is operated by MAMA & Company and showcases new music from a variety of genres. The festival was founded in 2006 and roughly hosts 300 bands across 30 venues throughout the city.  For tickets and more information click here. Take a listen to their selected 10, all appearing at this year's festival:

  • Best Of January 2017 by BIMM London

    We kick off 2017 with a playlist by the London office of The British Institute for Modern Music (BIMM), featuring 10 great developing acts. The BIMM Institute is a group of six independent colleges with over 5,600 students that specialise in the provision of British and Irish Modern Music education in Brighton, Bristol, Dublin, Manchester, Berlin and London.  Take a listen to their favourites:

  • Best Of December 2016 By Urban Development

    The December 2016 Richer Unsigned playlist has been curated by Urban Development, a music development organisation based in Stratford.

  • Best of November 2016 by Radio X

    Artists for the Richer Unsigned best of November playlist have been chosen by Radio X.  Radio X plays the best fresh rock and guitar-based music. Radio X is available all across the UK on digital radio, on 104.9FM in London and 97.7FM in Manchester, on mobile and via www.radiox.co.uk. See all the ways you can listen here.

  • Best of October 2016 by Music Glue

    Music Glue is used by artists, managers, labels and merchandising companies to sell music, merchandise, tickets and experiences direct to fans from a single integrated website. Anyone can now create a free-to-use website from multiple templates, complete with inbuilt ecommerce and content management. We bring everything together into one place, so that fans can make purchases direct from the artists they love, in one simple transaction.

  • Best of September 2016 by Fender

    Our 'Best of September 2016' playlist has been chosen by Fender.  Take a listen to their favourite 10 developing artists below or via Spotify/Deezer.

  • Best of August 2016 by Vevo

    Music video platform Vevo has curated this month's playlist.  Vevo has over 18 bn global views a month, and is available on desktop, mobile and living room devices. As well as being home to the biggest music acts from around the world, central to Vevo is a commitment to support and nurture new talent. Through original programming, Vevo has created several strands of programming to create exclusive content with artists, from the earliest stages of their careers. 

  • Best of July 2016 by Music Week

    This month's playlist has been chosen by Murray Stassen, journalist for Music Week magazine.

  • Best of June 2016 by Newton Faulkner

    Platinum selling artist Newton Faulkner has chosen his favourite 10 unsigned bands for this months playlist.  Read more

  • Best of May 2016 by Tunecore

    Sam Taylor of TuneCore.co.uk has picked some of his favourite artists for the May playlist. With an artist-friendly model that pays out 100% of sales and streaming revenue, TuneCore is the world’s leading independent digital distributor, and is proud to be the distribution partner to tens of thousands of independent musicians around the world. TuneCore will be at Great Escape Festival in Brighton on Saturday 21st May as headline sponsor of DIY Day – a series of panels and seminars for independent and emerging musicians. To find out more click here

  • Best of April 2016 by Time Out

    This month's playlist is brought to you by Time Out London.

  • Best of March 2016 by The Unsigned Music Awards

    The Unsigned Music Awards is the first ever televised awards show dedicated exclusively to unsigned artists. With a voting panel of more than one hundred active music industry professionals, UMA are looking to surface, reward and offer high levels of funding to the best emerging talent in the UK. Applications are open until August 31, 2016.

  • Best of February 2016 by National Foundation for Youth Music

    This month we are supporting the charity National Foundation for Youth Music. Youth Music is a national charity investing in music-making projects for children and young people facing challenging circumstances. These challenges include disability, poverty, mental health issues, refugee status or being brought up in care. Projects take place where they're needed most, often in areas of great deprivation. As well as helping young people develop musically, Youth Music projects also improve their personal and social skills, boosting educational and career prospects.

  • Best of January 2016 by Absolute Radio

    This month's fantastic playlist has been chosen by Danielle Perry - DJ for Absolute Radio and presenter of the 'Sunday Night Music Club Featuring Q' every Sunday at 8pm. Read more here

  • Best of December 2015 By Marshall Amplification

    Our 'Best of December' playlist selection comes from the legendary maker of amplifiers Marshall.  Check out their favourite 10 bands below.

  • Best of November 2015 by Bandcamp

    Bandcamp makes it easy for fans to directly connect with and support the artists they love. They treat music as art, not content, and tie the success of their business to the success of the artists who they serve.  To date, fans have paid artists $127 million using Bandcamp, and $3.7 million in the last 30 days alone!  Read more here

  • Best of October 2015 by Pledge Music

    This month's playlist is brought to you by Pledge Music.  PledgeMusic is an online Direct-to-Fan music platform, launched in August 2009, that facilitates musicians reaching out to their fanbase to pre-sell, market, and distribute music projects including recordings, music videos, and concerts. With PledgeMusic, the fans become part of the music making experience itself, gaining access to exclusive content and seeing Pledger-only updates that give them an insight into the music like never before.

  • Best of September 2015 by Alice Levine

    This month's playlist is brought to you by BBC Radio 1's Alice Levine.  Alice started with Radio 1 in 2013, co-hosting the 10-12pm weekdays show with Phil Taggart.  She more recently moved to the weekend 1-4pm slot as well as co-presenting a variety of Radio 1’s events such as Big Weekend.

  • Best of August 2015 by The Unsigned Guide

    Since 2003 The Unsigned Guide has been an essential resource for aspiring bands and artists. Their comprehensive directory of the UK music industry contains contacts for everything you could need to get your music career progressing in the right direction; record labels, radio stations, gig promoters, artist managers, venues, festivals, music publishing, producers, studios and much more.

  • Best of July 2015 by Jack Savoretti

    july_playlist_buttonThis month's Richer Unsigned playlist is chosen by Jack Savoretti. His most recent album ‘Written In Scars’ debuted at number 12 in the UK charts earlier this year, with sales now approaching 50,000. Jack is playing at a host of UK festivals this summer including Glastonbury, T in the Park and Cornbury.  Take a listen to his 10 favourite Richer Unsigned bands below...

  • Best of June 2015

    june_playlist_buttonThis month's selection of artists have been chosen by Best of British Unsigned's Matt Graveling.  Check out his favourite tracks below. To hear playlists from previous months, other industry guests and high profile artists, use the < and > buttons below the playlist to browse. Happy listening!

  • Best of May 2015

    Our favourite tracks uploaded in the month of May. To hear previous playlists, use the < and > buttons below the playlist to browse. Happy listening!

  • Best of April 2015

    Our favourite 10 tracks uploaded in April.  To hear previous playlists, use the < and > buttons below the playlist to browse. Happy listening!