Richer Unsigned Session – July

Joining us for our Richer Unsigned Session this month were Lisa Marini and October Drift. While both acts couldn’t be further apart stylistically, they are both excellent examples of the resilience and drive of musicians finding their way in today’s modern music world.

First on to the Melomania stage was Lisa Marini. Originally from London, getting her start as a visual artist, Lisa used music as an escape for what she described as a “hedonistic lifestyle”, but knew even as a teenager that she’d end up doing music. The last few years have seen her travelling around both London and the world, playing her intriguing blend of jazz and soul. Bathed in the pale blue lights of our stage, Marini and her band blew us away with their smooth dynamics and Lisa’s incredibly unique voice. When asked where she saw the future of independent music, she said “I think it’s great time for independent music, as you’re not chained to a label and the corruption that comes with it”, and that while the ease of the internet has lead to saturation, she feels artists in London are especially lucky, given that there “a ton of festivals, and a lot of support for local music”. So, what did she think of the Richer Unsigned Session? “It was really fun! It sounded great, and it was a good way to try out our new songs to a fresh audience!” Lisa is currently in the studio with her band, working with a producer that she says is bringing the most out of her as a musician and songwriter, so keep an ear open for new music soon!

Next to the stage were October Drift, a bombastic four-piece from Taunton, Somerset. Q Magazine hails their sound as “sugar-coated power rock”, which sees them “selling out some of the best small venues in Britain thanks to a flourishing reputation for live shows”, according to The Independent. And after witnessing their powerful live energy first-hand, we have to agree! Sitting down with Keiran (lead vocals/guitar) and Dan (lead guitar), we asked them where they saw the future of music: “It is a lot harder to break through these days”, says Keiran. “There’s less money going around than in the past”. But the band is hopeful, with Dan adding “Even though it’s harder to break through the noise, I feel like once you’ve done it, there is still an audience that wants to hear you”. Their performance is one we won’t soon forget, with Keiran getting up close and personal with the audience in the front row and Dan running around the venue like a mad man! After the show, Keiran said the band loved the Richer Unsigned Session, saying “I didn’t know what to expect at first, but it was great. It sounded awesome too!”

Join us in September for the next Richer Unsigned Session.