Minute Taker

This week’s artist of the week is Minute Taker.

Minute Taker is the artist name of Manchester-based alternative songwriter/producer Ben McGarvey. In 2008 Ben released his debut album Too Busy Framing to critical acclaim. Primarily recorded in his parents’ basement using an old piano, a PC and various gadgets, the resulting album was described by Manchester Evening News as “bursting with beautiful acoustic melodies and hooks”, and was recently declared “an underrated hidden gem ” by The 405. Minute Taker’s sound has been labelled “digi-folk”, incorporating a range of acoustic and electronic instruments and drawing comparisons to James Blake, Bat For Lashes, Grimes, Björk and Thom Yorke.

Check out his track Merge:

Minute Taker’s 2 albums Too Busy Framing (as Ben McGarvey) and Last Things are now available to buy from www.minutetaker.net as well as iTunes, Amazon and various other online stores.

“McGarvey is a young singer/songwriter with that rarest of things in the genre; imagination.” – Clash

“Epic, otherworldly sounds in an intimate show, with digital trickery framing trad folk
singer-songwritery fare.” – The Guardian

“An undiscovered hidden gem” – The 405

“Last Things is a beautiful collection of electronic-orientated pop songs” – Planet Notion

“McGarvey has locked himself away in his bedroom and crafted songs of true
otherworldly magic and splendour.” – Manchester Evening News

“a haunting take on modern folk” – Red Online