Best Of May 2017 by @London

Happy May!  We are delighted to bring you a new playlist filled with 10 exciting developing artists.  Acts from this month’s playlist have been chosen by @MattSpracklen, music editor of @London, the worlds biggest Instagram handle for a major city boasting over 2 million followers yielding 25M views a week on the channel and 1M per day on Instagram Stories.  @London’s new #stageside programme gives you the best views of the most exclusive concerts and events happening across the world.  Take a listen to Matt’s favourite 10 Richer Unsigned artists:

Featured artists for their May 2017 Richer Unsigned Playlist are: Wax, Second Sons, Thula Bora, Kaze, Hockers, Choose Wisely, Shoot The Symphony, Five Mile Hill, Trinna Carter, and Øyvind Weiseth.