Artist Of The Week: Tobias Robertson

Our Artist Of The Week is Welsh singer / songwriter Tobias Robertson. He writes heartfelt songs about all of life’s experiences.

Listen to his debut EP Moving On here:

He presents a modern, soulful and powerful twist on classic folk. Artists coming to mind are John Mayer and Jason Mraz. Performing regular shows since an age of 16 has given Tobias a wealth of experience and has left him with a comfortable demeanour onstage. Tobias got asked to audition for The Voice UK in 2016 where he ended up on Boy George’s team, and has spent the time since the show playing any gig that came his way. This has truly helped him become the skilled entertainer he is today. Robertson’s voice has a homeliness to it that is hard to find. When you listen to him sing, you just want to be his best friend.

Listen to his lovely live at home rendition of I miss you by Blink 182 here:

Looking to play shows anywhere that he can and to record and release music, Tobias looks forward with a bright future ahead. We totally agree here, and we can’t wait to see this talented fellow at a show as soon as we can.

Do us all a favour and buy all his CDs at!

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