Artist Of The Week: The Racket

Our Artist Of The Week is The Racket!

They are a four-piece indie rock band from Widnes. Their songs are powerful, energetic and politically charged, with an attitude. Liverpool Noise said that “Live, the band is a swirling, frenetic, cascade of energy, more speed than weed, they own any stage they set foot on – totally – and bristle with power.”

Their success started in 2017 when they began selling out numerous shows across Liverpool and Manchester. They hit the ground running, touring the UK and France, with acts such as Louis Berry, The Lottery Winners, Cast and Twisted Wheel, along with some major festival appearances at This Is Tomorrow, Sound City, Tramlines and Great Escape.

Listen to their latest single, ‘Why Are You Watching Me?’ here:

‘Why Are You Watching Me?’ is loud, explosive and edgy, and will certainly excite listeners. It’s also a proven fan favourite following their 12-date support tour with Lottery Winners in autumn. Its catchy melody and huge chorus is something that will make the song easily syncable and radio-friendly.

Songwriter Callum says: “This has always been a fun song to play, it’s probably one of the most guitar-driven songs we have recorded yet. The song is about 1984 and the dystopian present day we live in, but we have gone about this in a more light-hearted way.”

Producer Jonathan Tringham says: “We focused a lot of time on capturing the sounds that had the most convincing energy, this is definitely the most exciting song the lads have put out so far.”

Watch their video for the single here:

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