Artist Of The Week: The Pylons

Say hello to our Artist Of The Week, The Pylons, a London based alt indie quintet fusing the psychedelia of Tame Impala with Arcade Fire’s punchy pop-tinged anthology. It’s gloriously garnished with feel-good festival vibes, splashy distortion and vibrant synth work.

Listen to their latest single, ‘The Chase’ here:

The Pylons says about the single: “I think the only way to keep up with the game of life is to stop keeping up entirely. We made The Chase to spite the new world mediums and to remind everyone that you’ve got to be okay with just existing. The world has started to feel overly romanticised and skin deep to the point of being cosmetic, but living is a creative expression that this single pays homage to.“

Also watch their playful and clever music video for ‘Grumble’ here:

Their introspection-filled single, The Chase, is the first of three singles to fill your ears before the release of their debut EP ‘Thanks For Coming’ in the autumn. With a festival-sized sound and a lot on their heart, we expect The Pylons to have a bright future ahead! Keep your ears peeled for more music to come by following their social medias! And while you’re at it, buy all their merch here.

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