Artist Of The Week: TEOSE

Artist Of The Week is TEOSE! With a style that combines Soccer Mommy’s 90s alternative musical packaging and Big Thief’s diartistic alt-folk lyrical storytelling, Glasgow-based 3 piece TEOSE produce a chimerical blend of New Wave, Dreampop and Grunge.

Listen to their latest double single, “Oh”, here:

Fronted by writer/producer Melissa Brisbane, TEOSE have been quietly making and self-releasing a series of DIY recordings while the world was on lockdown, eventually coming to the attention of UK independent record label Kaleidoscope (Callum Pitt, Grace Gillespie) at the beginning of 2021.

Their songwriting has a deceptively simple brilliance, layering fuzz-laden steady guitar riffs under joyous pop-inflected lead lines, all underpinning lyrics laced with both humour and heartache.

Watch their official music video for “Oh” here:

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