Artist Of The Week: Tabitha Westley

Tabitha Westley is our Artist Of The Week! A British soulful pop singer/songwriter, though she is ever-international with her collaborators and influences. Born in Cornwall, raised between Hong Kong, Ghana and Falmouth – it becomes clear why her worldly sound and wise lyrics feel so broad, yet intimately deep.

Listen to Tabitha’s latest single Dancing For Water here:

Westley’s music has been described as tantalising and ethereal. We would add soulful, stirring and maybe tranquillising to the description-bag. Her music has a stunning laziness to it of the best kind. The kind of soulful deliberate stumbling instrumentation you only find in seasoned artists like D’Angelo or Erykah Badu.

Listen to her track Lower West Side:

There’s no surprise that Tabitha is fascinated by cosmos and connections, which is very apparent in her track Lower West Side. Airy synths, atmospheric electronic drums and a confident yet beautifully reluctant vocal performance lull you in to her ethereal world.

Watch Tabitha’s live version of Dancing For Water here:

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