Artist Of The Week: Red Light Acid Test

London’s Red Light Acid Test are a powerful four-piece that began showing up on the city’s stages and backroom bars in 2019, with a pummelling, gritty brand of dark alternative rock. While the heavy, angular riffs and big drums are the immediate pulls, the band does a fantastic job creating frenetic, anxious tension in both the music and lyrics that really hold you as a listener. There’s this underlying low-slung groove–equal parts Kyuss and post-punk–that permeates RLATs current offerings, acting a counterbalance to the distorted heft and keeps things interesting.

The members clearly have a pretty diverse range of influences at work. Fans of 90s ‘alt-rock’ will hear lots to like in “Elephants” with grungy, fuzz guitars leading the way while “Relapse” is bound to hook those who like it sharp and tight a la Band of Skulls and Royal Blood. If you like your rock dark, heavy and moody, Red Light Acid Test is one you’ll definitely wanna watch!