Artist Of The Week: RALFY

OK folks! Brace yourself for our next Artist Of The Week! Welcome to the bizarre world of RALFY. With only 2 singles out this far, this colourful alt-pop artist has captured our hearts and turned them into mashed potatoes! Super catchy, uptempo songs that makes you instantly want to swing around, are filled with lyrics that seem silly at first, but makes you sit left with the feeling of “are these songs actually profoundly deep? or has my brain turned into mushy peas?”

Watch his music video for his latest single, Peach, here:

We are really excited to find RALFY this early in the game, as we foresee that his playful songs and personally will grab onto TikTok’s algorithm and make him a sensations at some point very soon. The day that we see a collaboration between Yungblud and RALFY is going to be a great day!

Listen to his first single, Brainwashed, here:

If you’re falling for this fellow as much as we do, do us a favour and buy all his merchandise!

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