Artist Of The Week: Rachelle Fisher

Our Artist Of The Week is Rachelle Fisher!

Rachelle Fisher is a Singer, Songwriter and Presenter who was born in London.  Her songs explore issues that many young women can relate to, such as authenticity and finding one’s true identity and purpose in life.

Listen to Rachelle’s latest single ‘Hold Tight’ here

In ‘Hold Tight’, Rachelle writes and sings about overcoming the fear of failure, that can arise, when a person makes a decision to pursue their dreams. Her flawless voice and 90’s vibes will have you dancing round the kitchen. 

Before becoming a Solo Artist, Rachelle participated in various Gospel Choirs, Girl Bands and Vocal Groups, prior to studying at the Royal Academy of Dance and earning a Master’s degree in Music at University.

For more information on Rachelle check out her website.

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