Artist Of The Week: Rachel Jack

Rachel Jack is a talented singer and songwriter hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland and is our Artist Of The Week!

This exciting singer quit her job, sold everything she didn’t need, moved in to her parents place and went traveling. Having this space to think, freed her up to learn what it takes to be an independent musician. After a first listen, we believe her life choice truly payed off. Her debut EP (The Calgary Tapes), created while completing a Songwriting Scholarship from award winning Scottish singer Paolo Nutini, brings us stunning and heartfelt tracks in true singer/songwriter vibe.

Her second EP, currently being released, one single at the time, is taking a more experimental pop route. Her lates single, Stop, showcases a slightly “darker” instrumentation, also reflected in her vocal performance. The sound is fitting, as Rachel Jack has taken upon her self the brave act of writing a pop hit about bullying and harassment.

We’ve heard on the grape vine that she has written and recorded a lot of new music, so get excited for plenty more to come in the near future.

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