Artist of the Week: Promises Promises

Promises Promises are a truly underground band, eschewing traditional labels and management, preferring to oversee their careers in more DIY hands-on methods, producing all of their music in their bedrooms with only laptops and a handful of mics – which is music to our ears here at Unsigned!

This Bristol-based trio draws from a diverse pool of influence, which helps keep their electronic pop sound fresh and interesting. There’s a clear strain of dance/EDM running through the production, but the addition of guitars and live drums adds a layer of organic depth that adds dimension to the music, especially when the band performs live.

The band has just released a video for their newest single “Material” (which you can check out above), but we’re also in love with “Fired Up”, a full-on 4/4 freight train that has echoes of classic trance stabs and big booming kicks that will have you sweating off November’s chill in no time: