Artist Of The Week: PointDexter

Let down your hair and put on your dancing shoes for our next Artist Of The Week PointDexter! Pointdexter produces music that is an intellectual Pop-Indie-Rock-Funk-Fusion, which cradles your eardrums, vibrates the soul, violates your senses and leaves you with an astonishing lust for more.

Listen to their tune “Underneath My Skin”, here:

The band is led by front man Kevin Kinsella, he formed the band while attending college obtaining his Mechanical Engineering Degree. Kevin was taught music at the age of 10, he learned how to play the piano, saxophone, and sing. The band has always been greater the sum of its parts Jarom Horner, Kevin’s right hand man, is just as talented and passionate. Jarom and Kevin have a partnership that has led to them writing some amazing songs. Using a combination of combination of tasty guitar licks, inconceivable bass lines, sexy saxophone, funk rock vocals, and dynamic drum playing that is too good to pass up. Their goal is to produce songs that can engage a mass audience and at the same time produce songs with originality and artist integrity.

Pointdexter’s new EP is all about inspiration, determination, love, self-empowerment, and how those elements come in to your life and hit you like a Force of Nature. Hence, the title Forces of Nature. Just like forces of nature those elements tend to be unpredictable, unstoppable, and can show people what they are made of.

This concept EP is just an example of what Pointdexter means by intellectual Pop-Indie-Rock-Funk-Fusion. They are writing songs to inspire, reflect, and relate with others.
Check out their latest single, “Space Drive” with NYTVZN:


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