Artist Of The Week: PINLIGHT

PINLIGHT is the electro-pop brainchild of Edinburgh-based multi-instrumentalist Jenny Laahs. Getting her start performing on Edinburgh’s songwriting circuit in 2014, she soon switch her sound up, working in influences from the likes of Kate Bush and Passion Pit with her own unique twist. And when we say ‘multi-instrumentalist’, we mean it! Have a gander at Jenny tackling 28 (!!) different instruments to create some very cool lockdown loops:

Jenny’s latest project comes is her album Grow Slow, a collection of tunes recorded in her home studio. Jenny is a hearing-impaired musician, having acquired a profound unilateral hearing loss at the age of 4, and in recognition of that, the album is recorded entirely in mono. It has a bunch of different flavours on offer, from the upbeat swing of the titular “Grow Slow” to the smouldering synth-y “Unborn” and we’re sure all pop music fans will find a new favourite here!