Artist Of The Week: Peploe

Our Artist Of The Week is highly unique! Peploe is a London based alt-pop duo that mixes genres such as EDM, indie rock, pop and neo soul. Their tracks ranges from pretentious grandeur to unromantic, homemade indie.

Lisen to their latest double single “Elephant Of Mine”:

Between the super tight polyrhythmic drums, district layered jazz inspired vocals, running bass lines and hectic arpeggiator synths hovers something really intriguing, nostalgic and new thinking all at the same time. Would we be wrong in classing this as playful, intelligent electro-jazz? Have a listen for your self. We dig it!

Speaking of playful. Check out their music video for “The Novice”:

After that bizarre yet fantastic journey, let’s introduce the duo! They are Swedish Arvid Rongedal and British Gabrielle Thomas. Rongedal grew up playing drums in local bands around Stockholm, singing and exploring different instruments, which lead to a discovery of music production. Thomas has a suburban London background and grew up surrounded by music, with roots resting in gospel and soul. She was writing and singing on a recreational level until 2018, when she decided to work in music professionally. The two met at a music university in London late 2018, and after dating for several months, they decided to write music together.

This duo is for sure one of those rare finds, that you jump into wholeheartedly and never come out again. You listen to all their songs, buy all their merchandise and go to all their shows because you just love their vibe as a whole.

Let’s jump into it together and buy all their music on bandcamp!

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