Artist Of The Week: Oski Bravo

Our Artist Of The Week is: Oski Bravo

Oski Bravo are a Dublin five-piece that started with Donnchadh Egan and his beautifully crafted collection of songs. In 2016 they recorded their debut EP with Liam Mulvaney and released it in October in the Odessa Club, Dublin. The tracks secured a number of Ireland festival appearances and national airplay.

Listen to their latest single: We Want The World

Oski Bravo has received diverse comparisons from “the warmth of early REM”, Idlewild, Revelino and The Pixies and we can see why. The band’s latest single, “We Want The World”, gives us a taste of classic songwriting paired with a very Micheal Stripe-esque lead vocal.

The genesis of the album kicked off in 2019 while  laying down tracks in Darklands Audio Studio in the heart of Dublin City with Dan Doherty. In 2020 they returned to Darklands to continue with the album. However, as we can well imagine, Covid kicked in and knocked their release and performance plans. That said they used the time to polish the album and are now ready to release. Descriptions going so far as “the track builds to a glorious crescendo, I’m almost embarrassed by how many times I clicked back to the start of the song as soon as it finished”.

Oski Bravo Debut album out 25th June 2022.

For more information on Oski Bravo head over to their website here.

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