Artist Of The Week: Nika Timos

Our Artist Of The Week is Nika Timos! And she’s out with a new single ‘Shameless':

Nika is a singer, songriter, beat-maker, producer, composer and metallurgist based in Oxford via St.Petersburg, Russia. After releasing her first single in 2019, and plenty since, she’s been featured in BBC Introducing Oxfordshire, and radio stations all over the world.

Check out her DIY acoustic version of ‘Shameless’ here:

About her music, Nika says: “Pop, folk-pop, indie pop and RnB are amazing, but I can never settle on any particular type. It seems impossible to control my feelings, so when I start writing a song or making a beat, it just happens. I believe music is the most beautiful, unpredictable, magical and powerful thing in the world and I swear I will try my best to use it to make the world a better place.”

Here at Richer Unsigned, we dig Nika and her music, and hope it will take her places she could only dream of.

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