Artist Of The Week: Monté

Artist Of The Week is RnB trio Monté. Their goal is to make people dance with their catchy music. With Leah’s honest and clever lyrics, Liam’s smooth keys and Fred’s punchy drums and production, the trio hope to bring something fresh to the pop music scene.

Listen to their latest track ‘Questions':

Monté met in a Music Technology class. Leah had a Marvel notebook full of songs she had written through the years, and she always wanted to record music. Through a beautiful serendipity of being late to class, Leah and Liam met. The rest is history and a lot of fun, catchy Pop, RnB and EDM inspired hip swinging music.

Watch their Richer Unsigned EXCLUSIVE introduction video with an exciting announcement towards the end:

The trio has a handful of singles out on streaming services which have seen positive reception from local radios and BBC. Through Instagram and Zoom video calls, they are working to release new music throughout 2021, so keep your ears open!

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