Artist Of The Week: modem.

modem. is a DIY recording project from Leeds, UK. Frustratingly (at least from a writer’s perspective) that’s about all the information available about the project, yet the lack of presence doesn’t feel like a gimmick. As you listen to the music, the somewhat monotone delivery of the lyrics become more powerful, feeling at times like some lost transmission or journal from a far away space station. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that modem.’s Instagram feed is largely centred around the early days of space exploration.

Feeling Free In The 21st Century was recorded at home last year, and while there is a decided ‘lo-fi’ flavour to some of the songs, the album really sounds incredible. There’s a pretty wide swathe of sounds across the record, from the blissed-out floating sensations on “Heartbeat In The City” to the more fuzz-edged and driving likes of  “Walking Through the Unknown” and the album’s titular track (check out the very spacey video for it below)

If you’re a fan of music that leans towards the introspective, experimental and emotional, we think you’ll really enjoy modem.!