Artist Of The Week: Merrym’n

Artist Of The Week is Merrym’n aka Bob Moston. A DIY Stoke-folk troubadour from the dirty dishwaters of the potteries, canals, railways, garden festivals. (his words). The niche quirks of mundane life are captured in home made pop songs from the heart of this lovely fellow.

Check out his latest album ‘More From Merrym’n’ here:

You don’t get more homely and beautifully raw than Merrym’n. You can most certainly hear some inspiration from the Liverpool legends, The Beatles. If you’re from Stoke-On-Trent, or know someone in the area, Bob Moston is for sure one to check out.

Watch his nostalgic, and informative music video for ‘Statue Of Josiah’ here:

Do us all a favour and buy all his merch here! – Bandcamp

For more go to the artist’s LinkTree

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