Artist Of The Week – Lyys

Hailing from South London, Lyys is musical powerhouse, handling writing, singing and production duties creating blissful danceable pop tunes. Keen ears might be able to pick out melodic choices akin to Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser (who she sites as an influence) but there’s a keen pop-driven focus that keeps things a bit more grounded. With a hook that sounds a bit like if Robyn was in the writing room with The xx, “Can’t Hear It” is a brilliant bit of songcraft.

Her most recent release, “Wolves”, is an incredible effort and one we foresee playing on repeat. With a gritty pulsing bass that suddenly gives way to intricate vocal layering and a big singable chorus, there’s some really cool elements that make for a fun listen. Check out the video and make sure you keep an ear out for new music from Lyys!