Artist Of The Week: Longy

Longy is our Artist Of The Week! “Why you not deliver? If you know you got it in ya” he asks on his instagram page. Well, this fellow most certainly do! This songsmith and producer from Southend-on-sea calls his own music Gospel Trash.

Listen to his latest, Don’t Get Me Started here:

Longy has a raw and realness to his voice that resembles Scottish singer Paolo Nutini, but with a grittier honesty that can only come from days of busking, 500 shows in a year, breaking your back, band brawls and fighting with promoters. He likes to rustle your feathers whilst putting an arm around you, holding a mirror to your face.

Listen to his honest and vulnerable B-side, Lady, You Shot Me!

It’s not often an unplugged piano and vocal track captures your attention, but Longy’s storytelling hits you in the heart from the moment the piano hammers hit the strings. Like the song itself, it’s stripped back to the bare bones, so just dive in and swim in the words of a heartbreaking story from a gritty poet.

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