Artist Of The Week: Late Night Legacy

Hold on to your hats! Our next Artist Of The Week is Late Night Legacy. These handsome fellows were Artist Of The Week way back at the very start of their band careers. Look at them now! An album worth of songs, some amazing headline shows, support slots and festivals, and they’ve got new banger out!

Listen to their latest single ‘Dreams of You’ here:

Full bodied, anthemic Alt-rock soaked with hard rock riffs and modern melodies. The quartet are no strangers to the industry, cutting their teeth by touring and traveling the UK festival and club scene for the past 5 years. The band have made a name for themselves for their signature guitar work, powerful vocals and wild, visually entertaining live shows.

When asked about their new single, the band stated: “In such a lonely and disconnected Britain, ‘Dreams of You’ relates to how difficult isolation can be and how we all miss the connection of others. We’ve all experienced strange dreams during lockdown and sometimes our dream-state can actually be a very welcome escape from reality.”

Speaking of strange dreams, the seriously well produced music video for the single takes you in to a dream state that captures the juxtapositions of purity and evil, lightness and darkness. With some amazing costumes, makeup and special effects we bring to you ‘Dreams of You’ official music video:

Late Night Legacy recently released some awesome new merchandise. Please do us all a favour and buy it all HERE!

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