Artist Of The Week: Jargon Jams

Artist Of The Week is Jargon Jams! Influenced by a wide range of music from Bob Dylan to J Dilla, Jargon Jams combine spoken word influenced rap and vocal hooks with live instrumentation.

Heave a listen to their latest collaboration ‘The Balance’, together with Ruzi here:

Having formed at a house party jam in the summer of 2014, vocalist and guitarist Shaanvir Rehal and percussionist Fabien Waldheim cut a separate path to the americanised rap that’s homogenising commercial music right now. Their approach is uniquely their own, with Shaanvir’s lyrics often feeling like forays into his own head, while Fabien’s beats take the place of traditional sampling to provide an organic dynamism that can’t be achieved through machines.

With only a handful of songs in their repertoire back in 2015, the duo expanded their setlist and their live presence in the London music scene, headlining shows across the capital. Over the last couple of years, they’ve travelled across the UK to perform at festivals including Glastonbury, Wonderfields, Hazy Days, Subsonic and Homeless not Hopeless. Their artistic integrity remains their biggest draw, and in doing whatever they want, they’ve ended up sticking a chord resonant with the people they play for.

Watch their minimalist video for their track ‘Shy Kids’ here:

The duo’s endearing authenticity and classic musicianship feels almost radical in today’s SoundCloud rap climate, and as their art continues to expand, so too will their influence. Do us all a favour and follow them on all social medias.

Spotify: Jargon Jams
Instagram: @jargon_jams
Twitter: @jargon_jams