Artist Of The Week: I.M the artist

We’re excited to announce that our next Artist Of The Week is I.M the artist! A 24-year-old singer-songwriter and creative from Sweden, based in London, who continues to touch the hearts of other artists and listeners alike. I.M the artist makes music from the soul, and her audience adores her raw, personal, story-driven lyrical content that leaves no mind unsatisfied.

‘Tokyo’ demonstrates her ability to musically evolve and capture an abstract world within her words.

Listen to her latest track ‘Tokyo’ here:

About the track Isabél says: ‘Tokyo’ is a track inspired by my favourite classic action/heist movies. It’s a story that’s told from the perspective of somebody who feels unsatisfied with life. As a destination, Tokyo symbolises freedom and dream chasing, but it also doubles up as a reference to ‘Tokio’ – one of the main characters in the Spanish heist series “La Casa De Papel.”

The single is accompanied by a self-directed and produced music video, further establishing her vision for this project. I.M theartist is a dedicated student of the art that she’s influenced by, and she constantly strives to progress within her sound, authentically reflecting the transitional periods in her life through her work. From a young age, she was exposed to music, film and dance, and these became cherished mediums in which she expressed herself and navigated her youth.

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