Artist Of The Week: Howling at the Earth

Our Artist Of The Week is Howling at the Earth!

Howling at the Earth was formed a few years ago by front man Wayne Snow.  He wanted a place for his ideas and philosophies to flourish. Howling continues to grow with interchanging members and fresh perspectives. It brings something for everyone with roots in punk, pop, and progressive rock.

Listen to their latest EP “Second Wave” here:

Relatable song lyrics, a unique, soulful voice and intricate guitar parts evoke emotion and keep the audience engaged and yearning for more. The main single “Gas Light” is a catchy pop punk track with vocals reminiscent of folk artist Newton Faulkner – beautifully clean with a slight grit and and a distinct vibrato that brings and element of soul.

Watch Wayne Snow’s live video of their track “Eviction Notice” here:

Howling at the Earth has merchandise, so make sure to head to their website and check it out.

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