Artist Of The Week: Honeyflux

Our first 2022 Artist Of The Week is Honeyflux! Comprised of members from Backyard Rhythm Orchestra, Ponyland, Martha Hill’s Band, Prudent Primate and Shields UK, Honeyflux write and perform with the utmost technical ability. Blurring the lines of alternative rock, Honeyflux’s sound is influenced by bands such as Steely Dan, Soundgarden and The War On Drugs, placing them amidst a magnetic blend of genres.

Listen to their latest single ‘God, Buddah & Me’ here:

Honeyflux show a proper mastery in songwriting and production with their latest single. Slowly building and enveloping you with organic and intricate details, the track carries the poetic lyrics in a blanket of nostalgic and warm-sounding instrumentation.

The artist says about the single: “‘God, Buddha & Me’ is a track that not only looks at the way we’re all as living creatures, but also discusses the morals of our social construct using religion as a template for sexist ideologies that are ingrained into our culture. The track questions why we see our religious icons as just men and how the influence of women is in fact one of the biggest aspects of our lives.  The song speaks mostly in metaphors; flightless angels, love and how all spirituality is linked and unifies us as living creatures. Resolving by tying everything together with a verse about how we’re all ‘growing on the same dying tree’, this line is reflective of how we’re all part of the same world, universe and source.”

Watch their DIY music video for ‘Tear Us Apart’ here:

Filmed by Hannah Thompson of CIRC Motif with involvement from the North East circus community, it’s a smile-inducing project with a catchy and authentic tune.
Formed in Newcastle, Honeyflux all live and operate creatively in the North East, growing up, playing music and building ties within all areas within the region. Contributing to the regional arts sector, being involved with Arts Council-funded projects, developing music-based projects with circus and theatre companies, all the members of Honeyflux have been involved with furthering music as an important part of the arts in Newcastle.

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