Artist Of The Week: Henrio

Taking the final Artist Of The Week spot of 2020 is Henrio! Originally from Barcelona, Henrio moved to Liverpool in 2017, stepping away from a label to further hone his craft as he settled into a new home. His voice is delicate and nuanced, with minimalist production and guitar work that really lets the intricacies speak.

With a keen ear you can hear influence from Jeff Buckley, Bon Iver and Damien Rice in his work, but Henrio definitely brings his own magic to his art. There’s a beautiful sense of tide-like rising and falling in “Moonglow (I Could Love You)” that creates a push-pull tension. Meanwhile, his recently released “Together” feature just enough subtle folktronica elements to elevate the song from a simple singer/songwriter number. We’re hoping to hear more beautiful music from Henrio soon!

Many thanks to all the artists that submitted their music to us this year. We know it hasn’t been easy for anyone, but being able to connect with artists and share their work with new fans has helped make things a little bit easier, and we hope it’s helped you all too!

See you next year!