Artist Of The Week – Deanna Devore

Deanna Devore is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer, and producer who currently splits her time between Chicago and Toronto. Using elements of downtempo electronic music and organic sounds from neo-soul, jazz and contemporary R&B and pop, she crafts smooth, polished music with a level of musicianship that only comes from road-worn years of touring and performing.

Following up on her acclaimed 2018 EP Half and HalfDeanna released a pair of new singles for 2020; “Lately” dropping early this year featuring The Voice contestant D.Lyle, while our current favourite cut “Love Again” hit the airwaves a few months ago and features some incredible vocal work by D’Zhari.

While she’s been busy with some other musical projects for the commercial sector, we hope these two fantastic singles are an indicator of some more new music from Deanna soon!