Artist Of The Week: Coumarin

We are stoked to announce Coumarin as our Artist Of The Week! Hovering in the world of popular music while mixing in parts from indie, folk and punk gives Coumarin their ear catching sound.

Listen to their lates single Godspeed here:

What started its journey as frontman André Kretschmar’s solo project, is now a 3 piece band that marry meaning and aesthetics. To date they have released 5 stand-alone singles. Listening through, we have to mention the ever popular 80s nostalgia. We can draw lines to American New Wave Pop band The Midnight. It makes you want to plug in your VHS player and re-watch all the classics like Goonies, Back To The Future and Flight of the Navigator. Lean back into the pool of synths, delay guitars, head shaking drum beats, with the occasional synth or guitar solo. Press play and fly over the scenery of a 80s Si-Fi adventure movie.

Watch Dreams Official Music Video here:

In the ultimate endeavour of self expression, Coumarin has set no creative boundaries for itself in its attempt to elevate the form while staying true to its musical ancestry.

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