Artist Of The Week: Brave New Broken Hearts Club

Our Artist Of The Week is Brave New Broken Hearts Club!

Brave New Broken Hearts Club is the vehicle for north London-born songwriter and producer, Neil Phillimore. Neil’s writing and producing skills for many years were put to use running a not-for-profit organisation, plus songwriting and recording for the wellbeing and mentoring of young people. When these popular one-to-one sessions had to stop due to lack of funding, he applied his creative powers to this project instead, to create wellbeing in his own life.

 Neil has released two songs  recently: ‘All I Have Is Now’ and ‘A Little Piece of Me’. Check the latter out here:

The honesty in Neils’s songwriting and the vulnerability in his voice make Brave New Broken Hearts Club an emotional listen, and one you can really relate to. There is such a warmth to the songs you can’t help but wear a little smile on your face!

Take a snifter of Billy Bragg’s London vocal styling, the tiniest pinch of Damon Albarn’s lower register, a dash of Richard Hawley croon (only southern style!), a good old glug of classic songwriting aesthetic, plus the acoustic flavour of Nick Mulvey, and you get a real taste of Brave New Broken Hearts Club’s music.

The songs are lyrically prosaic, emotionally rich, hopeful and heartfelt.  For the debut album, add some memorable tremolo guitar parts and arrange on a generous bed of beautiful backing vocals and harmonies from the exquisite Peckham folk singer, Pearl Fish, and you have a compelling start to the most authentic of musical journeys.

For more information on Brave New Broken Hearts Club and Neil’s music journey, check out his website here:

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