Artist of the Week: André, the Kid

André, the Kid is singer, songwriter and producer from London. A fantastically talented artist with a seemingly unstoppable work ethic, André has multiple mixtapes under his belt released by The Same Others, a label and music collective he leads. As the music landscape continues to shift, it’s making more and more sense for artists to band together to benefit from the power of community to amplify each other and from what we can tell, The Same Others are doing some really cool things!


Back to André – we were instantly grabbed by the clear level of care and detail that’s gone into his latest record The Dream. The lush, airy production carries the titular theme across the whole record but with enough stylistic switch ups to keep things interesting. The album largely feels like one fully-realised work rather than a collection of songs, similar to projects by Blood Orange and Frank Ocean. A lovely mixups of genres are at work from new R&B and pop sounds to some subtle shades of indie rock and bright electronica. A standout track for us is “Almost There”, a jubilant ‘stream of consciousness’ that we feel really sums up the vibe of the record. Keep you eyes on André, he’s definitely one to watch!