Artist Of The Week: A. Smyth

This week’s Artist Of The Week is Dublin born dreamy folk-rocker  A. Smyth. He just released his haunting debut album, Last Animals – a rumination on nature and the meaning of life.

Listen to Last Animals here:

After attracting much praise for his work as Vann Music, Smyth delivers a highly impressive Last animals. It’s a mellow and intelligent debut of warm Indie Folk / Americana, with gentle melodies and soft vocals. With electronic embellishments and new-thinking production elements, A. Smyth’s new album is a uniquely put together piece of art.

Hear When It Calls live here:

There is no wallowing in folk miserabilism or copying of tried-and-tested singer songwriter templates, just a quality album with enough variation to bring you back for a second listen. As debut albums come, this is as promising as it gets.

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