AOTW by GigSlutz

Malka is this week’s Artist Of The Week as chosen by . Malka’s percussive, pop-tinged track ‘Wrap It Up’ is infectious and heavy-hitting. Centred around her warm vocal, the track sounds effortless and encapsulating.

Gig Slutz said:
With a name that means ‘Queen’ in both Hebrew and Arabic, it’s no surprise that Malka‘s music commands instant attention. Her catchy melodies and infectiously upbeat tracks are effortless in their attempts to make listeners get up and get moving. Tamara Schlesinger (aka Malka) uses the simplest of techniques to create the biggest pop sounds.

New track ‘Wrap it Up’ – taken from her new album Marching to Another Beat – boasts a perfect beat for dancing to and lyrics that will make you break out in spontaneous singing sessions on the dance floor. Malka’s voice is clear, controlled and assertive, holding its own over the dominant, driving force of the drums.